Subcontract Service

Jmax Recruitment Co., Ltd. provides the services of Thai labor contractors and recruiting personnel for all positions in the form of subcontract or outsourcing. We provide services from employees or workers recruiting, employees or workers interviewing, and employees or labor training before entering in the employers’ workplace both in the industrial production lines and general service work in the office. We can provide employees or workers according to the positions and qualifications required by the employer. Our service helps employees to save a time in recruiting as well as helping to maintain and taking care of relevant documents. Our experienced team is ready to help and support employers’ organization to work more efficiently and smoothly.

Subcontract and Outsourcing Services

  • Labor or Worker Recruitment Service
  • Daily Staffing Service
  • Monthly Staffing Service
  • Long-Period Labor Service
  • Short-Period Labor Service
  • Outsourcing Staff (IT, Engineer, Interpreter, and others as customer’s need)
  • Provide services for any businesses; hospitalities, factories, warehouses, offices, shops, department stores

For outsourcing and subcontract services, we provide a training for employees to prepare before starting work and training throughout the contract period to know the work practices to increase work caution, make efficiently on the work result, and conduct themselves while working with others.

Manufacturing Labor Service

Entrepreneurs in the industrial sector who use the labor to produce various goods and products such as production workers or containing staff, Jmax Recruitment Co., Ltd., we have our staffs who are experienced for recruiting employees and handling all relevant documents to support entrepreneurs to reduce a time in recruiting and get employees to meet the needs of the employer. However, entrepreneurs can increase or decrease the staffing rate as appropriate.

Warehouse Labor Service

Nowadays, both the domestic and international shipping are an ever-evolving issue. This makes the transportation or logistics business is extremely demanding on workers or employees to speed up the processes in order to be on time in the delivery as informed to the recipient. The key areas such as warehouses or distribution centers are therefore another important factor to ensure the transport process is possible. Therefore, recruiting employees in the part of ​​warehouse or distribution center such as product sorting staff, packing staff, or even a forklift driver, we are able to provide both short and long term staff by our experienced staffs.

Specialized Labor Service

     We provide specialized staff recruiting services such as technicians, professional jobs, construction workers, or other works that require or need a specialized knowledge. We recruit qualified personnel and meet the needs of work that require personnel with specialized knowledge and expertise to maximize work efficiency.

What we provide to our customers

  • Selection of employees according to the specified qualifications
  • Inspection and preparation for relevant documents
  • Providing an orientation for employees before starting work
  • Health check, drug detection, and criminal record checks according to each type of work
  • Check and keep an employee’s work history such as an absence, late, leave, or overtime etc.
  • Preparation of a salary for employees and taking care of the welfare of the employees that will be received according to the employer’s policy.
  • Preparation of Social Security
  • Continuously substituting and recruiting employees according to customer needs.

“We aim to drive business organizations for sustainable growth.”


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