Subcontract Service

We provide a service in sourcing Thai workers or employees in the form of contracts for a specified period ranging from daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. We serve customers in a variety of businesses such as industrial plants, warehouses, offices, malls, and other businesses upon customers' field.

Recruitment Service

We provide a service in recruiting of a full-time employee in every position, level, and not limited for the customer's business. Example of job fields we experienced; Accounting, Customer Service, Information Technology, Engineering, Human Resources, Interpretation and Translation, Manufacturing and Production, Sales and Marketing, Purchasing, Logistics and Supply Chain, and other job fields upon customers' requirement.

Interpreter Service

We provide a short-term interpretation service (Japanese - Thai) or other languages ​​if needed by Jmax. Examples of interpreting work that customers use with us; interpreting for negotiation or business matching, interpreting for site visits, interpreting for accounting or auditing, interpreting for presentations, interpreting for exhibition or trade fairs, interpreting for technical or specialized, or interpretating for other purposes upon customers' requirement.

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