Japanese Interpreter Service

Example of interpreter services we provided to customers:

  • Interpretation for any business matching, business negotiating, site visiting, or trading and exhibition
  • Interpretation in the organization such as Accounting or Auditing, Manufacturing, or Interviewing for any purposes
  • Interpretation in the entertainment industry, hospitality industry, or tourism industry
  • Interpretation for the government concerning, marketing survey, or sales purpose
  • We are also able to suggest a customer for an interpreter service in other language apart from Thai and Japanese, however there might be adjusted for the price as appropraiate. 

Primary service charge for short-period interpreter service (1 – 29 days of working day)

Our Service Half-day (4 hours) One-day (8 hours) After 8 working hours, there will be charged for OT as per hour
Consecutive Interpreter 5,500 THB~ 8,800 THB~ 1,650 THB

Consecutive Interpreter

We serve our customers with an interpreter who has an experience to study or graduate both from Japan and in Thailand, passed an examination of Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT), is able to translate and interpret in important business tasks or other topics as customers’ requirement. The price may be higher than the above mentioned price depending on the difficulty of the job.

Working time of interpreter

A travelling time to work is included in the working time. In case using our interpreter service in the downtown of Bangkok, the traveling time to work will be not counted as the working time. For other provinces, the traveling time will be counted in the working time as well and the starting spot will be started from Jmax Recruitment office. In the case of travelling by an airplane, the time required for check-in prior to boarding will also be counted as working hours (Domestic flight before 1 hour and International flight before 2 hours)

Transportation fee for interpreter

A working place where an interpreter can travel by a sky train or subway will be free of charge. For other cases, wherever an interpreter has to travel by him/herself, the travelling fee will be charged equivalent to the metered taxi fare or adjusted as appropriate.

Overtime payment for interpreter

In case an interpreter is required to work over 8 hours, an additional charge of the working time will occur (See the service charge on the table above). In case an interpreter is required to work for half a day and there is an additional hour, the service fee will be raised to the same as requiring an interpreter for a full day. Please be informed here and there is no reduction in service fees even if the actual working hours are shorter than the time reserved.

Suggestions for using the service

  1. The service fee may be adjusted as the competence and skill of an interpreter and the contract period.
  2. We provide an interpreter for a minimum of half a day or more, for example, although the actual working time is 2 hours, the service fee will be equal to the service charge of 4 hours (half day).
  3. The minimum interpreter service fee will be calculated at a half day (5,500 baht) even if it is necessary to use only 1 – 2 hours. For example, although the actual working time is 2 hours, the service fee is equal to 4 hours service (half day).
  4. When an interpreter is required to stay overnight, a customer is responsible to pay for the accommodation and travel expenses incurred.
  5. In case of an interpretation that requires specialized knowledge, a customer must submit the necessary documents to Jmax Recruitment as soon as possible before the starting date of an interpretation in order to provide the interpreter to prepare him/herself.
  6. In case a customer needs to translate documents used in an interpretation, the customer will have to pay a separate translation fee at the rate of Japanese -> Thai (400 characters from 800 baht or more). We will estimate the price and time on a case-by-case basis. We reserve the right not to translate some types of documents.
  7. In case a rehearsal is required before an actual interpretation, there will be a service charge at the same rate as the actual interpretation.
  8. Entering a confidentiality agreement or an employment contract other than the contract of Jmax Recruitment, a customer must inform us at the same time making an interpreter reservation.
  9. In selecting an interpreter to provide the service, Jmax Recruitment will send an interpreter with the experience closest to the customer’s needs for consideration.
  10. After official agreeing to use the interpreter service, if the customer wishes to cancel the interpreter service for any reason caused by the customer, the customer will have to pay the cancellation fee of the interpreter service at the following rates. (The official agreement to use the interpreter service is when the customer signs the quotation and sends it back to the company.)
  Cancellation on 7 – 10 days before the start of the event. Cancellation on 3 – 6 days before the start of the event. Cancellation on 1 – 2 days before the start of event and Cancellation on the event day.
Cancellation Fee 50% 70% 100%

Service Payment Procedure

A corporate customer After the interpreter has finished the job, Jmax Recruitment will issue an invoice to the customer. We provide the customer tp pay for the service within 5 working days.
An individual customer or the first-time using service customer

After official agreeing to use the service, Jmax Recruitment will issue an invoice to the customer by email, the customer will have to pay the service fee as stated in the invoice 1 day before the working day.

In case of overtime payment, there will be charged after the interpreter has finished working and paid within 5 working days.

Payment Channels Name of Bank: Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (SMBC)
Branch: Bangkok Branch
Account No.: 2010037700
Account Type: Saving
Name of Bank: Bangkok Bank (BBL)
Branch: Emporium Branch
Account No.: 096-0-52585-5
Account Type: Saving

Long-term interpreter service fee at 30 working days or more

  • Jmax Recruitment will recommend interpreters that are registered with Jmax Recruitment to the customer. If the customer requires to interview an interpreter before using the service, please inform Jmax Recruitment in advance.
  • The service fee for introducing an interpreter is 30% of the total wage of an interpreter.
  • Working hours are 8 hours excluding 1 hour of lunch break. In case the interpreter has worked for more than 8 hours as above, there will be charged for overtime work as stipulated by law.
  • In case the interpreter is required to work in the night shift, there will be a night shift fee of 500 baht per night.
  • An off-site interpretation that requires an overnight stay, the customer will be responsible for the payment of accommodation and travel expenses separately.
  • The service fee will be deducted at the end of each month of that month and pay on every 10th of the following month.
  • In case the provided interpreter is unable to continue working, Jmax Recruitment will provide a new interpreter to the customer but may not be able to find immediately.
  • For a contract termination, the contract can be terminated by the parties to agree and must notify one month in advance in writing by email.

Registration for Interpreter Service

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