Recruitment Service

     Jmax Recruitment Co., Ltd. provides a full-time staff recruiting service in every position, level, and be unlimited on the customers’ businesses. Example of positions we provide to our customers; Accounting, Coordinator or Customer Services, Information Technology, Engineering, Human Resources, Interpreter or Translator, Manufacturing or Production, Sales and Marketing, Logistics, and other as customers’ requirement.

Procedures of Using recruitment service

  1. A customer who purposes to use our recruitment service can contact Jmax Recruitment by phone, email, or filling up the form of recruitment service on this web page. We will contact you back as soon as possible.
  2. A customer signs to acknowledge the conditions of our recruitment service with stamping the customer’s company seal on the service agreement form given by Jmax Recruitment to agree to use the recruitment service from Jmax Recruitment.
  3. Jmax Recruitment will search for candidates registered with us and present qualified candidates to a customer by email. (In case no candidates meet the qualification as the customer’s expectation, we will require the time to post and annouce the job.)
  4. Making an appointment with a candidate for an interview. (A customer can contact to require for using our interview room.)
  5. When accepting to hire a candidate recommended by Jmax Recruitment to work, Jmax Recruitment will act as an intermediary to coordinate about the preparation before starting work, how to get to the workplace, the starting date, and related employment conditions.
Service commission
Recruitment service commission The total amount of Salary before tax and all allowances for 2 months + VAT 7%
We will separate the payment for 2 times:

  • 1st payment (The total amount of Salary before tax and all allowances for 1 month + VAT 7%) after 1 month of employment;
  • 2nd payment (The total amount of Salary before tax and all allowances for 1 month + VAT 7%) after 3 months of employment.

*Our minimum recruitment service commission will be charged 45,000 Baht + VAT 7%.

Client Liability
     We will make Candidate Placement in compliance with conditions that client has requested, though, we would ask client to make the final decision to employ a candidate.

We will also make best efforts to implement language exams and interviews on work experiences of candidates to ensure their proficiency in registrations. However, in the case of problems being revealed, we will not charge you the 1st payment of “Service Commission", provided that you inform us of discontinuing the employment within 1 month from starting date.

Probation period is set for 3 months and we would ask you to decide to continue employment of a candidate or not. In case of employment over 90 days, we will charge you the rest of service commission (the 2nd payment).

Also even in the case of rejection or resignation of the candidate within 3 months from starting date and he/she is re-employed within 1 year from the date of the rejection or resignation, we will charge you the total amount of service commission as contingent fee (The 1st payment + The 2nd payment), provided that the candidate is employed again in any condition within 1 year after the rejection or resignation.

Registration for Recruitment Service

Please press the below button to fill up the registration form of recruitment service